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Since 1975 we have produced collectors model cars in 1/43 scale, the models are hand made and very well detailed, the result of high quality craftsmanship.

Our main interest is in models of prestigious sports cars current, classic and historical, and Formula 1 cars from the year 1960 until the 1980s. The top of our production is " TRON-STAR ", we reproduce models of Ferrari cars from 1947 onwards in both KIT and built form, they are made with white metal and they are highly detailed with engine and hinged opening bonnets.

The " TRON-CLUB " range are built up models, well painted and supplied in elegant show case boxes.

These are just a part of the wide variety of our model ranges:

ask for our catalogue ( we will send it by post Euro 12.00 c.o.d.) that includes more than 1000 items, KITS and built-up models and 500 spare parts for modellers 1:43 and 1:24 scale.

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